Troglins have escaped! Can you find them?

Troglins have escaped! Can you find them?


Welcome to the wonderful world of Troglins! 

Let us set the scene:

It's 2023 and an excentric science professor with hairy ears called T.R Oglin has finally created the formula for a loveable creature called Troglins. These little critters were designed to fun, friendly and help with day to day tasks. "I'm going to be a zillionaire!" T.R Oglin screamed, but there was a problem. One of the Troglins shouted back "SHUT UP CLOTH EARS!". It quickly became obviouse that this hadn't gone to plan. 

Troglins were meant to be helpful and compasionate, but instead they are naughty and caused mischief everywhere they went. Professor Oglin had no choice, he had to lock them in cages and return to his boring job of making synthetic lab diamonds and gem stones. 

On the eve of King Charles III Coronation, the cheekiest of the Troglins named Bunsen discovered his little hand could fit inside the lock and with a bit of pressing and yanking, the door flung open... "I'M FREE!" He screamed, whilst doing a running jump onto the emergency "Door Release" button, setting all the other Troglins and animals free!

Part 2 coming soon! 

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