Coronation Charlie!

Coronation Charlie!

Introducing Coronation Charlie: The Limited Edition Plush Commemorating King Charles III's Coronation!

Step into the realm of royalty with our exclusive collectible plush, celebrating the coronation of King Charles III. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this collectable is a testament to majesty and elegance.

With only 76 pieces ever created, this is an extraordinarily rare find. Each unit represents a significant milestone: one for each year of the king's life, along with an heir and a spare. From the moment it was unveiled, collectors around the country clamored to secure their piece of history.

Immerse yourself in the regal aura with the plush's luxurious purple cape, adorned with gold-coloured embroidery fit for a monarch. Every inch of this masterpiece exudes sophistication, from a meticulously embroidered King Charles emblem on the right foot and the year of the coronation on the left - ensuring its place as a cherished family heirloom for generations to come.

But it's not just the exterior that dazzles—inside, the plush is perfectly weighted with pellets and super-soft fibre filling, providing a comforting weight reminiscent of the king's presence. Its detailed embroidered eyes reflect wisdom and grace, capturing the essence of King Charles III himself.

**UPDATE** You have now missed your chance to own a piece of history. Thank you to the privileged few who were swift enough to secure one of these coveted treasures before they vanished into the annals of time. Congratulations to the collectors who acted quickly and now own this limited edition plush as a crowning jewel in their collection!