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Blitz (Duo) Limit: 1,200 Worldwide

Blitz (Duo) Limit: 1,200 Worldwide

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RELEASE DATE: 3rd November 2023



We're proud to introduce to you our very first gargoyle Troglin who goes by the name of BLITZ!

Like all Troglins, Blitz proudly wears an individually numbered tag in the left ear along with a gold foiled certificate of authenticity to show you have found an original limited edition piece from The Prototype Collection.

On the back of the certificate there is also a historic fact about gargoyles. This gives Troglins the added bonus of not only being an adorable companion but also stimulate an interest into historic facts. 

Made from a stone grey plush fabric with our signature Troglin purple features, this little character is a must have for any plush collector's collection! 

As the earliest record of a gargoyle in existence is believed to be around the year 1200, we decided to limit Blitz to just 1,200 pieces worldwide. 

With fluorescent purple wings, embroidered eyebrows and unique liver spots hiding two gargoyle images on the back, this Troglin is set to be a collectors favourite. 

Oh, and have you seen Blitz's lightening bolt embroidered eyes? The German word for lightening is "Blitz", so this is where the name came from!

With there only being 1,200 pieces worldwide, Blitz is likely to enter extinction quickly. 

Blitz (Regular) stands at 21cm (13.5cm sitting) and weighs around 145g, which is around 50% heavier than most plush toys the same size. 

Blitz (Large) stands at an impressive 30cm (21.5cm sitting) and weighs a solid 340g-350g.

Companion, Investment, expense or asset? Only time will tell, but either way we're confident Blitz will look great sat on your shelf. 


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